A Caring Heart shaping Little Minds

A Professional Daycare

Safe, friendly, fun environment with real time monitoring

Sanitizing of hands frequently, proper periodic clean up of premises and equipment

Combined 30 years of childcare experience


Nurture from Cradle to Floor, Floor to Play, Play to Learning, Learning to a Complete and Unique child.

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Why choose a professional daycare

Child safe and secure
Opportunity to acquire knowledge
Properly developed
Can easily check progress
The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Infant Care
Age – 2 months to 18 months old
From learning to development – Grow to uniqueness

Junior Smart Toddler
Age – 2 years old
From floor to play- shape to win

Senior Smart Toddler
Age – 3 years old
From play to learning – groom to succeed

Age – 4 years old
From learning to development – Grow to uniqueness

Our Happy Customers

DO NOT waste this rare opportunity!!!

Our Awesome Team

Who is behind Polka Dot Bear

Kathy Chew

Founder & Director


10 years experience in Baby & Daycare Centre.

Peter Khor

Management Consultant

Passionate & Dedicated

40 years hands-on-experience in Management /Consultancy and specializes In Service Excellence

Lilian Chan


Loving Children

30 years in Caregiving and Pre-school Teaching


Possitive Parental Feedback


Trained & Qualified Staff


Bio Clean Up, Sanitize and Disinfection



All this awesomeness could be yours to experience THE BEST DAYCARE IN TOWN

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