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No.1 Child Care Centre in Malaysia

Daycare Near Me

Finding a Daycare Near Me

FINDING A DAYCARE NEAR ME This is a familiar phrase, almost a prayer, expressed by parents these days who are looking for a suitable daycare centre to send their baby or toddler.  Why near me?  Logistically speaking, this would mean lesser stress to working parents. Most daily commuters going to work by car would take…
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Choosing the Right Daycare

Choosing the Right Daycare

CHOOSING THE RIGHT DAYCARE The Expectation when Choosing a Daycare Parents all over the world face the same daunting task. The ‘bundle of joy’ has arrived. Next step? Likewise in Malaysia. We are bombarded by news, articles on child care, parenting and education. In the fast moving world of IT, you don’t necessarily need to…
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Preparing Your Child for Childcare in Kuala Lumpur

Preparing Your Child for Childcare in Kuala Lumpur

Preparing Your Child for Childcare in Kuala Lumpur From Zero to Hero – take off in a Childcare Centre in Kuala Lumpur Many parents plan and envisage that their children will be heroes in achievement even when the child is still in the womb.  That is certainly a good start in the preparatory stage. However…
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Parenting and Childcare in Kuala Lumpur with New Challenges


PARENTING AND CHILDCARE in Kuala Lumpur – NEW CHALLENGES? We woke up this morning to news that there is a change in voting age. In our beloved country. Our children can start voting at 18 years of age, 3 years younger than before. Is this a new challenge to Parents?  Just an opinion.  It does…
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Childcare and It's Importance of Safety

Childcare and It’s Importance of Safety

CHILDCARE AND ITS IMPORTANCE of Safety Child Care In Petaling Jaya- the Saga Continues   Benefits are very much sought after by everyone everywhere. It is no different in the child care service industry. More so it is not only value for money or affordability but really finding the right and safe place for one’s…
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July 11, 2019 0

Childcare and Its Benefits

Childcare and Its benefits  An introduction to Childcare We last spoke of challenges faced by parents in childcare. We picked up a whole spectrum of them, from selecting the right child care centre to even trying to understand the challenges faced also by the childcare centre operator. With this complete evaluation then we can arrive…
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Child Care and It's Challenges in Kuala Lumpur

Child Care and Its Challenges in Kuala Lumpur

BLOG CHILD CARE AND ITS CHALLENGES in Kuala lumpur Why Do You Send Your Child to Child Care In this real world that we live in, change is constant. The 21st century challenge for parents is the need to earn a decent Income to raise a family. This challenge has resulted in a significantly smaller…
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The Best Child Care in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya

Best Child Care in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya: Select a Quality Day Care & Baby Care Centre

Best Child Care in Kuala Lumpur: SELECT A Quality Day Care & BABY CARE CENTRE Select a Quality Day Care & Baby Care Centre How to select the Best Child Care in Malaysia? Whether you choose a formal child-care center, family day care, or in-home care, there are some basic things you should know and…
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