Finding a Daycare Near Me

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Finding a Daycare Near Me

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Daycare Near Me


Daycare Near Me

This is a familiar phrase, almost a prayer, expressed by parents these days who are looking for a suitable daycare centre to send their baby or toddler.  Why near me?  Logistically speaking, this would mean lesser stress to working parents.

Most daily commuters going to work by car would take the route of least resistance. That means lesser traffic congestion. Any re-routing to pick up their children spells inconvenience and a time waster. Good time management and of course, planning is the order of the day. No one plan to fail. Unfortunately sometimes we fail to plan.


Clear and Concise- Daycare Near Me

What then are other advantages? Obviously, if you pick up your child en-route traveling home from your office, that represents the quickest time possible to get home. Anybody willing to get stuck in traffic? Certainly not. In case of any medical emergency, you may have to pick up your child, you are home to attend to the emergency in the shortest time possible. Isn’t that helpful.

What if your daycare centre is right in the same compound of your home? Brilliant!


Security for Child at a Daycare Near Me

This obviously cannot be overlooked or under estimated. A recent news alert again will throw caution to the wind. An excerpt of this reads:

A local Facebook page shared the news about this girl from Johor, who was allegedly kidnapped from her kindergarden in Taman Perling yesterday. The post originally posted at 6pm yesterday, mentioned that the girl was her niece, and the case has been reported to the police.


Please share – Girl kidnapped from Perling kindergarden, please help us find her!

Much as we have asked how safe is safe? As parents we have to carry out due diligence to check out the Standard Operating Instructions (SOP) adopted by the centre on safety and security, health and environment. Any CCTV Surveillance, licensed Centre?

It is futile to over worry. As parents we can only do our utmost best, and leave the rest to the selected Centre of your own choice. Do make a checklist or wish list and make a decision. Develop a good partnership with the Centre. The old adage says- it takes 2 to tango! Then waltz your way through, cha cha, rhumba or Zumba …… overcome together every possible challenges that you may face in this journey in nurturing and developing your child.

Useful Tips to Select ‘a Daycare Near Me’  

2 key points to note for your better and informed decisions

  • Good licensed daycare providers plan, design, set up and organise their operational requirements well to be solution based to overcome these challenges adequately. Safety, health and environment are key priorities. They practice what they preach.
  • We hear and embrace this philosophy of child education. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. So what are we doing about it?

We can conclude that we are losing our emphasis on play in the world:

  • We have limited time for play in classrooms.
  • People don’t understand the value of play.
  • We say things like, “If you finish your work, then you can play.”
  • Academics are given more importance than play.
  • Technology is replacing play at home and at school.

Childcare in Malaysia

We have also gone through our own minefield in facing the challenges to childcare in the country. We are hopeful to see more governmental efforts to improve in this area, especially in subsidizing childcare for working mothers, enforcement and upgrading in the Childcare Centre Act 1984. Before we decide to throw stones at any party, remember that we live in glass houses. The challenges faced by many developed countries are no different. Some news excerpts below maybe able to paint a better picture of their plight.

The Challenges Faced in Childcare-Global or Local?

“The federal government suspended or shut down 10 dodgy childcare providers during the first three months of the year.

Education Minister Dan Tehan said 277 operators had been placed on the compliance register since it was set up in January last year.

“The Morrison government continues to take action against non-compliant or dodgy providers in order to protect children, families and to safeguard taxpayer dollars,” Tehan said in a statement on Monday.

Approvals for four providers in Victoria were cancelled between January and March, while two faced the same sanction in NSW.”

Solutions Recommended for Staff at Childcare Centre in US

Staff stress, fatigue and underpaid staff. What can you do about it?

Step 1: Acknowledge the depth of the problem.

Beginning with a recognition of the importance of the issue at hand. At the program level, the lack of resources, both monetary and human, all-too-often combine to create a high-stress, over-demanding workplace. Staff can be overworked and underpaid when simply working to meet the day-to-day demands of Head Start. This can lead to high staff turnover which, in turn, can exacerbate a program’s inability to maintain staff. And that’s when a vicious cycle begins. Increased turnover demands proportionally more resources — more funds, human resources, and time spent on orientation, background checks, and training for new staff. The result: a major drain on resources for the program and a drag on morale for existing staff.

But the impact doesn’t end with the program and its staff. These effects combined can impact the continuity of care for children and can compromise their social and academic outcomes, a result no child deserves. Disrupting this vicious cycle requires focused, persistent action, and that’s the second step we can take toward making a change.

Step 2: Make your voice heard.

When it comes to increasing the pay of teachers, it starts with Congress, and your work to change how we support the workforce can start today with a personal commitment.

Conclusion to a Daycare Near Me

By all means do what we can. The problems faced by parents are universal. There is no benchmark or yardstick that can satisfy all. One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Choice and the free will to choose is very personal.

Thank you for reading or listening. Stay tuned.