What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya?

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What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya?

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What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya

What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya?

Great babysitters are a rare gem. We all definitely have a few great ones that we would hire over and over again and there are definitely qualities that stand out that make a babysitter amazing. In fact, a good babysitter is one who will keep children safe and sound in the absence of their parent. This person will attend to the child’s needs and will make sure that the child is fed and kept safe. There are many things that can be done to make the babysitting experience more fun and successful for children, babysitters and even parents. It only takes a little planning and a lot of one-on-one contacts to make a good babysitter into a great babysitter.

What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya

However, it’s hard enough to find a babysitter, so what makes a good babysitter in Petaling Jaya?

Babysitting is a more complicated job than a lot of people think! There are a lot of qualities that you need as a person to make a good babysitter. The truth is that not everyone is perfectly suited for it right away. Nevertheless, picking the right babysitter for your child is a hard choice for any parent to make. You want a sitter who is dependable and trustworthy. Someone who can keep your children safe when you are not there. There are qualities and characteristics that a person can have to make them more likely to be a great caregiver. But luckily many of these qualities are things that you can learn or improve upon over time.

  • Dependable

Every parent wants a dependable babysitter. Their worst nightmare is getting all dressed up for a night away from the kids, only to have the babysitter call 30 minutes in advance to say they won’t be able to make it. Responsibility is quite an over-arching quality of a good babysitter that is displayed in everything they do. A responsible babysitter makes both children and parents feel safe. Whether they are out at the playground or just indoor. Being dependable and responsible is a characteristic of a babysitter that’s more important than almost anything else. Because it doesn’t matter if they are the best babysitter in the world if they are always cancelling or showing up late. Besides, a good babysitter should have a clear idea of what kinds of activities are safe for kids, and be able to identify any potential risks where an injury could happen. 

  • Patient

Patience and kindness often go together hand in hand. We often consider patience to be a virtue. This is especially true if the babysitter is dealing with a three-year-old who constantly has to ask “why”.The ability to be patient goes a long way when it comes to being a good babysitter. They are going to need patience if they hope to build a relationship with the kids. Being patient helps them to get children to trust them and they’ll be more likely to respect them and listen in return. Furthermore, kids will often do what we say, but go about it in a roundabout way and take their own time. If we ask a child to put their toys away, be sure to stay patient and give them the time and space that they need to complete the task. However,  we can give gentle reminders if they start to stray from the task, but try to avoid becoming impatient with them.

What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya



You need a loving and attentive babysitter who carefully monitors the wants and needs of your children. They should know right away when your child is bored or hungry. They should be there to console your child if they scrape their knee or bump their head. A good babysitter should always be listening and interacting with your child, instead of only keeping half an eye on them while surfing the internet on their phone or texting their friends.


You should feel like you can trust your babysitter’s judgment. They should know what kinds of activities are safe for your children to do, and what might be a risk of injury. They shouldn’t let your children do obviously unsafe activities like jumping from heights, fighting with sticks, or attempting to do a backflip. A responsible babysitter should make both you and your children feel safe regardless of whether they’re just doing things around indoor or going on a trip to the playground.


It is a plus for babysitters to have certain qualified skills such as First Aid or CPR certifications. If an emergency were to pop up, would you be prepared? More and more parents are on the lookout for these certain sets of skills. Invest the time to take these classes. This will make you more marketable as a potential babysitter for a family and prove useful skills to have in emergencies.

What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya

After all, these are only a few important traits of a successful babysitter but very important traits to possess. Creativity, patience, kindness, and trust are all key to being a successful, hard-working babysitter. The next time you look for a good babysitter in Petaling Jaya, focus on the traits would make the perfect candidate for the job. 


So Which Are The Top 3 Good Babysitter In Petaling Jaya?


What Makes a Good Babysitter in Petaling Jaya

  • Polka Dot Bear Baby & Child Care Centre

Nurture from cradle to floor, floor to play, play to learning, learning to a completely developed child, Polka Dot Bear Baby is a professional childcare provider linking parental partnership for effective child development from infancy to preschool year. Their focus stretches beyond education to encompass the overall health and wellbeing of every child while promoting and developing a harmonious community through the teaching of high moral values and moulding sound character building.

Address: Casa Tropicana A-0-3A, No. 5 Jalan Persiaran Tropicana, PJU 3, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

Tel: +6013-347 1355

Address: Unit G-25, Eco Sky, No. 972, Batu 6 1/2, Jalan Ipoh, 51200,  Kuala Lumpur

Tel: +6017-729 1355



  • KiddoCare

Kiddocare is on a journey to create an ecosystem to support working parents – giving them the gift of freedom and time by connecting them with babysitters to care for their children. It is also our aim to empower women who want to pursue childcare as a career or to generate extra income by giving them the platform to do so. As Kiddocare do not have brick and mortar child care centres, their services are provided at your home. But they do not allow children to be taken care at the Kiddocarer’s own home. 

Tel: +6019-883 0175
Kiddocare@Common Ground TTDI,
Level 11, Menara KEN TTDI



  • Newlife Childcare Centre

A registered and licensed childcare centre, Taska Newlife provides full-day and also half-day care services in a clean air-conditioned environment. Taska Newlife is an established childcare centre in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. With 25 years of experience, their teachers and staff are dedicated to nurturing the young minds of our future.

Address: Jalan 14/29, Seksyen 14, 46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor