Daycare Malaysia- A Moving Story

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Daycare Malaysia- A Moving Story

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Daycare Malaysia

Daycare Malaysia- A Moving Story

Daycare Malaysia

We hear and see so much sacrifices made by Malaysian parents to enable their children from cradle to tertiary education. Kudos to all you parents.  We salute you. We mentioned in our last blog, it is not only about affordability but blood, sweat and tears all the way.  Thankfully efforts of the Malaysian government, through the Welfare Ministry JKM has helped us to propel forward. Much is seen to be done and we look forward for much more in the pipeline.

More Moving Stories Outside Daycare Malaysia

Daycare Malaysia

A heartbreaking news report from our neighbouring country brings tears. Read on for the story.

Parents Lock OKU Kid Inside Chicken Barn Because They Can’t Take Care Of Him During Work Hours. Metro Hadrian reported that an Indonesian OKU (Orang Kurang Upaya) kid, Efendi, gets locked in a chicken barn by his parents whenever they are away for work. Thus, the 12-year-old has no choice but to eat, sleep and do his “business” inside the barn itself. FYI, the barn – which is one metre long and 0.5 metres wide – is made out of bamboos and wood.

The parents (Hamzah, 47 and Latifah, 36) said that they have tried to keep Efendi in the surau whilst they worked in the paddy field, but he would always crawl outside and eat whatever he finds – like rice bran, fruit skins, leaves and flowers.

One day, Efendi went missing from his home, and they ended up finding him near a riverbank at midnight. From that day onwards, his parents decided to lock Efendi in a barn during work hours. They were quoted as saying,

“We pity him but that’s our fate now. My wife and I have to work to make a living.”

Better News For Daycare Malaysia

Daycare Malaysia

Online advice on parenting has become a norm.  A portal offers parents — first time or otherwise — expert medical opinion and networking opportunities on motherhood and related issues.  Is eating nasi lemak during my pregnancy all right? How much does the baby weigh now? Is he/she as heavy as a longan, guava or pomelo? The questions that new parents ask are, at times, endless. Some of them are embarrassed to ask, while others do not want to reach out to the doctor for details when expecting a baby.

Coming To Daycare Malaysia

Daycare Malaysia

Enter theAsianparent, a parenting portal that provides a safe space and locally non-judgmental content for mums and communities of parents.The app — theAsianparent — offers answers to burning questions. As millennial mums are on the rise here, they rely heavily on the myriad of articles, messages and videos available at their fingertips. We are focused on empowering Asian parents and providing them with the tools to support their parenting journey. Through our app, we strive to bring about a sense of community and a safe space for parents who are increasingly embracing a digital lifestyle,” says Serina Sue, deputy country manager of theAsianparent Malaysia.

Modern Parenting In Daycare Malaysia

In an effort to understand how parents in the digital age are evolving, Serina says the company did a survey on 586 Malaysian mums last August.The survey found that 99 per cent of Malaysian mums have some form of social media account, with Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as the most popular platforms. With increasing access to the Internet and use of social media, online communities continue to be a strong support system for today’s digitally-savvy parents.

Parenting sites remain one of the top sources that digital-age mums rely on for parenting help and most of them do communicate with other mums online regularly. Millennial mums are on the rise today, relying heavily on information at their fingertips. The way these mums experience motherhood in 2019 is very different from how their mums experienced it in the ‘90s.

“They find everything online. Health and baby products are the most common topics in their searches. For example, if the baby has diaper rash, the cream you should use — it’s all interlinked.”

“Unless they have knowledgeable family members, most millennial mums do not know what to use or do,” Millennial mums like to shop online and the majority buy in bulk once a month because most are working.

Complement Apps For Daycare Malaysia

Designed with the needs of the Asian parents in mind, theAsianparent app features a pregnancy and baby tracker that monitors day-to-day development while providing helpful information such as symptoms to expect and precautions expecting mothers may need to take.

Even after birth, parents can continue to track their children’s milestones up to the age of 6.

Also, theAsianparent app helps parents navigate the food that are safe to eat during pregnancy and offers advice on the best nourishment for babies with its comprehensive guide to food and nutrition.

Assistance To Track Your Child’s Development

The extensive list is adapted to include local food references such as nasi lemak and sirap bandung.

In addition to the supportive community forums and extensive guides and articles, theAsianparent app offers users a platform to ask medical experts and get answers to pregnancy and parental-related concerns while learning more about medication, health and well-being.

Users are encouraged to pose questions on the app and interact with medical experts from Sunway Medical Centre Velocity and DoctorOnCall (online telehealth platform) to gain a better understanding of diseases, vaccinations and allergies common among children.

The Food And Nutrition Guide To Pregnancy

The “Ask the Expert” feature is a new add-on to the app.

“We don’t use chatbots because our obstetrics and gynaecology residents want to give feedback from a healthcare professional’s point of view.

“With chatbots, we’ll have to use a customer-template answer and we do not want that. Our users too will be comfortable with an expert answering their concerns,” she says, adding that the response is in real time. App users who answer questions in the community forums or vote in polls can collect points by interacting with theAsianparent app. Users are rewarded with treats by redeeming points for iflix subscriptions, Grab and Boost e-wallet credits.

Conclusion to Daycare Malaysia

We embrace modern day technology to hopefully see a better quality of life in childcare and innovative assistance for the parents. At PDB, we believe in going forward with technology to provide the cutting edge in our daycare service.

Thank you for reading or listening. Stay tuned.

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