Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare

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Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare

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Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare

Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare

It’s the biggest pandemic era question facing many parents of young children whether will it be safe for kids to go back to daycare. For the economy to reopen and for people to be able to go back to work at all, the child care issue has to be addressed in a way that won’t further the spread of COVID-19. However,  leaving the infant with grandparents or relatives isn’t always an option. That’s where the need for daycare comes in. While a lot of young parents have been relying on daycare for their preschoolers, the option is available for toddlers too.

Even though, we tend to think of toddler daycare as a childcare solution for kids who don’t have a stay-at-home parent. But daycare has become so commonplace that even some stay-at-home-moms are considering it for their kids. Circle of parents communities are buzzing with discussions about the benefits to toddlers of structured time away from parents, which include opportunities to learn from other adults and to socialize with other toddlers.

Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare


How Can You Help Your Toddler Adjust to Daycare?

Every child faces some issues after joining a toddler daycare. Depending on the situations, your child may not face any trouble at all and get used to the new childcare. But sometimes, it takes a little bit of time for them to be adjusted to a new environment as well as the primary caregiver. So, it is advisable that you ask the childcare provider during your interview that how they deal with children with separation anxiety.

  • Get into the routine
    Though it is not possible, making it a routine make things easier for you and your toddler. For example, if your baby is used to waking up around the same time, have a meal at the same intervals and naps at the same time, keep the schedule as similar as possible. However, in this case, you need to communicate with the daycare providers to ensure your toddler is well-rested and comfortable in switching to a new environment. Be prepared that it will not always work just right but there is no harm in doing it.


  • Spend some time with your toddler.
    Don’t replace your presence with daycare. You have to make time each day for your child otherwise they will resent daycare. This is especially common where the child used to spend a lot of time with the parent before daycare. They still need that connection so there must be at least an hour or two of quality time with them when you get home to keep them happy. For example, you can ask them about how they spent their day and any good or bad things they may have experienced. This helps to keep them out of trouble, as well.

Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare


  •  Involve your child
    It can help with the transition if you make your child feel involved with the new arrangement. You can ask him what snack he would like to bring to daycare or ask him to pick out a special toy he could bring with him to daycare. Just be sure that bringing such items is allowed at your daycare. For a more subtle yet effective approach, you can ask your child to pick out a picture that he would like to bring. Bringing a picture that he could look at during the day will help him feel more at home at the daycare centre.


  • Take trials beforehand.
    Start the first day of your toddler daycare weeks before the actual day. For instance, you can get everything packed, drop them off and leave your kid for a couple of hours. Avoid doing it during nap or mealtime so that they can play happily. If your toddler is having fun, they will be more likely to visit the daycare again. But don’t forget to linger for a little bit before you leave the daycare.


  • Be Patient.
    Do not expect a smooth transition within a matter of days. Your child’s adjustment may take up more than a few days to a week or two. Be patient and do not express your frustration to your kid. Do not make him feel that he is upsetting you because this will only add up to the anxiety that he is already feeling. However, if your child does not show any amount of improvement after more than a couple of weeks, you might have to reevaluate the daycare setting as your child may be suffering from more than separation anxiety.

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Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare

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Helping Your Child Adjust To Toddler Daycare

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Last but not least, toddler daycare is a lifesaver for many parents that cannot be with their children throughout the day due to unavoidable commitments such as work. In cases where the baby is used to being with the parent in the home, getting them to enjoy daycare can be quite a challenge as they deal with separation anxiety. Transitions are not always without difficulty. Your child may have a hard time adjusting to daycare especially when he has gotten used to being home with you as his primary caregiver. Going to a new location, outside the comforting familiarity of your home, and being taken care of by someone new could prove to be stressful for your child. So, yes, transitioning to daycare is not without difficulty. But it can be helped.